Gofertruck Does Costco Deliveries too!!!

Spread the word and spread it fast craigstruck.com does Costco Delivery as well.  Costco does not delivery the couches and larger items that cant fit in your car or SUV, so if you are purchasing furniture there, how do you get it home?  Answer: craigstruck.  Craigstruck is the first business of its kind connecting people who need trucks with those who have them.  Not getting Costco Delivery craigstruck specializes in craigslist delivery same day delivery and any kind of furniture delivery .


It’s like a taxi service……….only with trucks

Its been called the Uber with trucks.  Gofertruck has set out to get anyone a truck who needs a truck within an hour.  When it comes to filling the needs of getting a truck the options that exist are quite the hassle.  Uhaul is expensive and time consuming, calling all your friends that have trucks is a bother to them and they might not be available.  Gofertruck allows guys with trucks to register as long as they pass a background check to be instantly dispatched out for same day delivery, craigslist delivery and furniture delivery.  Need a truck call a Gofertruck

the new world of delivery

Say goodbye to scheduling deliveries, calling friends to use their truck or help you move a couch.  Gofertruck craigslist and retail delivery is here.  Gofertruck matches local truck needs with local truck owners.  Simply order a truck online or from the app and a local truck owner will call you back and meet you at the desired time and location.  Gofertruck specializes in

Same Day Delivery

Furniture Delivery

Craigslist Delivery

Costco Delivery

Home Depot Delivery  and

Mattress Delivery

Buy now, get it home now

Who wants to wait to have their new furniture delivered?  Not me!  I bought the couch because it will look good in my living room and i want it there NOW.   We bought it today, why cant they deliver today?   I have to wait 3-4 days for delivery……..dumb.  Furniture delivery is being revolutionized by gofertruck.com.  If  you are buying Costco furniture or craigslist furniture and need it delivered gofertruck is the way to go.  Instant and same day delivery every time.  Awesome.

Furniture Delivery is a hassle no more

Furniture, its big, its heavy and can make a new purchase a pain.  If you dont own a truck furniture delivery can be a hassle.  Your options are pretty limited.  You can call all your friends and see if you can borrow a truck, you can go to Uhaul and rent one, which ends up costing way too much time and money.  Or you can check craigslist and hopefully get a trustworthy driver.  Well there is a new furniture delivery option now, gofertruck!  Designed for craigslist delivery, gofertruck now does most furniture deliveries from stores like Costco and other retail locations that dont offer delivery.

Gofertruck instantly dispatches a truck to take care of all your furniture delivery needs.  Check them out